Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers

Hello all!  It is quite chilly outside, so I decided it's a good day to craft!  Here's some how to instructions for the cupcake toppers.  Remember!  You don't need a Cricut to complete this one!  :)
Step 1:       (Makes 12)
Gather your supplies:
-hot glue gun
-24 2" round circles in your choice of color
-12 toothpicks
-12 decorations or embellishments 
Step 2-
-Glue all embellishments onto 12 circles.
Step 3-
-Hot glue toothpick on the back of each embellished circle.
Step 4-
-Hot glue another circle on top (side you want to see out) to cover the toothpick.
Step 5-
-Add writing or any other final embellishments and stick into a cupcake!  

Thanks for viewing!  Please comment with any questions or comments you have!  And don't forget to +1 this if you're on Google+!  Have a nice day!!

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  1. Love these! I'll definitely have to try these out closed to Vday!